About Our Company

Medisoft NV was envisioned and created on 2002. Its main purpose is to provide its customers with professional and reliable business solutions.

Our company designs and develops customized business solutions based on our customer's needs and experience. We create the next generation of customized tools for your business that will help saving time, effort and money while accomplishing its business goals.

Our intranet/extranet service totally secured with SSL certificates is one of our best presentation cards.

Today Medisoft NV is a business partner of a few important global corporations that provide us with permanent training and exchange of experiences. All of these in order to fulfill our main commitment that is:

"To provide our customers with the best approach in business intelligence and a different experience with successful customized tools in Information Technology"

Thanks to all our customers,

Our History, Background and Expertise

Our company has already 20 years developing customized software in different countries.

The main suites we have permamently producing are: * Financial Suite - For Banks and financial institutions. * Hospital Data management Suite. * Health Care Providers Suite. * International Money Transfer Project. * Risk Control Center. * Mining Suite.

We seek to stablishing long term relationships with our clients in every country, becoming their preferred partner for business inteligence solutions.