Worldwide Products

Dental Clinic System
Manages a database of patients that stores data like clinic history, all images as photos,radiographies, personal data. electronic communication with insurance companies, pharmacies and other specialists.

Physiotherapist System
Schedule all activities with each patient. Control results per activity. Individual patient recording of data per session. Electronic communication with insurance companies, family physicians and pharmacies.

Medical Center System
This system manages all patient personal clinic history, no memory limit, capable of importing data from legacy systems. It Operates images and schedules appointments and controls a wide variety of procedures to be applied to a patient. Digital interface with heart control devices, blood pressure, and even some blood analysis devices. It has electronic communication with other doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and insurance companies.

Pharmacy System
The system manages sales and purchases. It operates inventories automatically. It registers personal data of each patient and its personal history of drug consumption. It pops up warnings for drug interactions. Has automatic communication with z-index from Europe and Micromedex from the USA databases for drug warnings, preventions. Has automatic communication with the doctor of the patient that sent the receipt. It Stores digital images of each receipt and other documents. Has automatic communication with other pharmacies and insurance companies.

Scheduler System
It allows to program and track complex activities or simple appointments. It shows statistics of success, completion and non show. Users can customize to get additional statistics on other variables. It offers easy integration with project planning applications and project development control. The scheduler operates several instances at the same time for multiple parallel activities in the corporation and is capable of multiple schedule integration.

College and School Student Data Manager
This system follows the student throughout his life. Stores whole history of students, from kinder garden all the way even after college. Health condition, family situation, and academic records. Psycological profiles and work places. Statistics


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