Carbon fiber is "high tech tinsel", wasted on bikes, says May
BBC2 Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson writes columns about running over cyclists if they stray in front of him at traffic lights. Co-presenter James May writes articles about the daft price of high-end bikes. His column in the Tory graph at the weekend complained about Porsche carbon fiber frames but lauds Dawes and Raleigh bikes for being cheaper. May also waxes lyrical about his Brampton, writing that he'd love the company to make cars, too.

Japan's got the best bums under the sun
Graduates of prestigious Tokyo university conducting open-air art evaluation meetings; former yakuza extorting bike-riding grannies; a handyman with every high-tech electronic device imaginable; women marrying guys nearly half their age; teenage girls selling their bodies before they can be stolen from them.

Oracle set to fire 2,000 workers
US software company Oracle is to fire 2,000 workers, or about 3% of its global workforce, as it looks to trim costs following its latest takeover.
Last year, Oracle paid $5.85bn (£3.3bn; 4.9bn euros) for Siebel Systems, taking on 4,700 of its rival's workers.

The reduction in head count is set to save Oracle, which sells software and services to automate tasks such as accounting, at least $400m a year.

Oracle has bought firms worth almost $20bn as it expands its business.

G-8 Ministers Discuss Energy Security
MOSCOW — Finance ministers from the world's richest countries sat down for talks on energy security Saturday against a backdrop of doubt over Russia's reliability as a secure energy supplier.

Playing host to the G8 for the first time, the world's second largest oil exporter is eager to highlight its newfound financial muscle and brush away the concerns raised after a bitter new year gas price war with Ukraine saw supplies to Europe temporarily cut off.

Ministers said in a draft statement dated Feb. 7 that while they expected global growth would remain solid this year, high and volatile oil prices posed a risk, Dow Jones Newswires reported. The draft said finance ministers agree to "take forward work on enhancing the global energy policy dialogue between oil producing and consuming countries."